Lost in time. Between real space and cyberspace. We live in two worlds of time and no time of what is there and not. Striving to belong anywhere and nowhere in a digital jungle competing with nature and what is right in front of us.

The spring / summer 2023 collection is inspired by the power of digitalism contrasting the real world and the distance in-between. Where a new culture of young people can travel into online worlds and use their imagination to create a new existence, while trying to make a meaningful life in Earth’s nature.

The digital theme is showcased in a mix of green glitch cyber prints and twisted zebra patterns in skin-tight materials framing curves and muscular forms. Shiny fabrics and puffy uniforms in appealing bubblegum pink and yellow power-bombers, combined together with surreal logos are creating a feeling of something alluringly unusual.

Practical utility comfort to punk dusty leather takes us back to the roots of rebelliousness and interesting inter-relation expressions. Unconventional suitings with tight waists and shape-shifting loose-fitting jackets and knits, all encapsulated in a distinct colour palette of earthy tones, pastel purple, turquoise and soft white.