glitter, sensuality, minimalism and statement shoulders form the core of the second collection of oval square. it’s a colourful celebration, with contrasting sexy and sporty elements continuing to embody the defining characteristic of the brand.

we look through the lens of the early ‘00s pop references mixed with the more-is-more mentality of the ‘80s. youth-oriented styles, in particular the use of fluffy boleros, cutout details, cargo pants and vibrant satin and velvet materials that catch the light, invite us to a playful party. continuing in the festive direction, tight glitter shapes and sequins remind us of the sparkly sheen of a disco ball.

squared, angled shoulders make headlines throughout the collection — from power suits with highlighted waists and soft knits to baggy workwear and glamorous dresses. proportions of masculine and feminine silhouettes create a mix of contrasts that complements different bodies, while the addition of reflective metallic materials and prints inspired by the northern light gives it a futuristic realism.

colourful pops of orange, lavender purple, and turquoise in lighter shades combined with strong red and deep blue frame each and every style, while an exclusive selection is mixed in flattering monochrome tones of black, grey and white.